According to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1972: Students attending post-secondary institutions must be permitted to inspect and review their own educational records. Institutions may not disclose information about students (other than directory information) nor permit inspection of their records without their permission unless such action is covered by certain exceptions as stipulated in the act. Therefore, educational records are considered confidential and information may not be disclosed, not even to parents, unless a Release of Information Form has been complete by the student in the Registrar's Office. Directory information consists of: student name, program of study, participation in officially recognized college activities, dates of attendance, and degrees or certificates awarded.

Additional information on FERPA is disclosed on page 5 of the Day School Catalog or a complete copy of the policy is available from the Registrar's Office. The complete policy includes information on the procedure to inspect educational records, rights of the college to refuse access, refusal to provide copies of records type/location/retention length/custodians of educational records, procedure for the disclosure of educational records, record of request for disclosure, and the procedure for the correction of educational records. Any student who feels his/her rights have been violated should write to : Family Policy and Regulations Office U.S. Department of Education Room 107, FB-6, 400 Maryland Avenue S.W. Washington, DC 20202